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Powerful Audio to Engage your Students

SmartPass audio dramas offer the closest thing to live theater for teachers and students. The full-cast unabridged recordings feature music, sound effects, and actors from the UKs Royal Shakespeare Company, the National Theatre, and the BBC radio repertory.

Each title comes with read-along scripts as pdf documents to view, print, or project for the whole class to see.

How much better to hear the play read by professionals who understand the characters and the language!

KLIATT on Shakespeare on Audio in the classroom

All titles are available as SmartPass Audio Guides to Shakespeare with commentary and teaching materials; and as Shakespeare Classroom Teacher and Student Sets.

Listen live and contact us for a free sample!

Click here to discover more SmartPass full-cast audio dramas with integrated commentary, available from Recorded Books.

Download RealPlayer

King Lear by William Shakespeare (unabridged)

SD006 Buy for $25.75.

Listen live | download (3.4 MB)

Othello by William Shakespeare (unabridged)

SD005 Buy for $25.75.

Listen live | download (3.4 MB)

Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare (unabridged)

SD002 Buy for $25.75.

Listen live | download (4.4 MB)

Macbeth by William Shakespeare (unabridged)

SD001 Buy for $25.75.

Listen live | download (4 MB)

Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare (unabridged)

SD004 Buy for $25.75.

Listen live | download (3.8 MB)

Henry V by William Shakespeare (unabridged)

SD003 Buy for $25.75.

Listen live | download (3.6 MB)

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